05 Aug 2013, circa 0620

  • Gum Gang Man Gung
  • Shower
  • Elemental Cross
  • Circulation of Light
  • Meditation on “Pwyll”

I went ahead and amended the Elemental Cross to use the extended arms to the side during the call to the right and to the left (as in The Druidry Handbook instructions).  It just feels better.  Also working on/towards reading Gareth Knight’s words regarding “The Sphere of Light” in Experience of the Inner World.

The meditation on “Pwyll” didn’t really elucidate much that didn’t come from yesterday’s study/contemplation.  While the lesson addresses “sense”, “perception” and “intellect”, a Welsh-English dictionary from a university in Wales also provided “discretion” and “tact”.  In combination, I take this to be the discrete mind’s ability to choose the best or most appropriate option.  Nothing from the stories displays Pywll’s creative thought &/or cunning, but he can take good advice and acts in the manner that’s most right for the situation.


2013 June 15

I’m finding spiritual pursuits difficult to pursue presently.  The motive force is waning.  Not that I don’t still have a general interest, but I’m finding serious study/practice…  Even just to read through two pages of material…


2013 April 29

Finally, I’m actually writing on the date in the title!

Today, we went to Coba:  climbed a pyramid, zip-lined, swam in a Cenote, had a nice dinner, and watched a Mayan performance.  It was cool.

Otherwise, I got a nice summery outfit to…

Falling asleep as I type…

2013 June 15

To begin with, there’s the video:


…which lead to a stream of consciousness that began with my love of grey days.  I was thinking “Yeah, I would probably love it there” – juxtapositioned against how my aunt gets depressed when she doesn’t see the sun for a day or two.  I, on the other hand, love the moderate temperature and the potential for the weather to swig one way or the other.  Similarly, I love rain, and thunderstorms, and hail, and tornadoes.  That last bit probably sounds crazy given the last few that were so destructive recently, but it’s the truth.  There’s something about hard wind and horizontal rain, the sky lit afire by bolts of raw energy or the first ball of ice to catch your flesh.  Life somehow feels more precious when it’s being challenged…

…and then I fall back to the consideration of my current condition – sitting at the unit for hours on end learning about telephony and data networking.  Something about it doesn’t feel like living…  The size of the cog is relative to the size of the machine, and the military is a BIG machine, making each of us reasonably small cogs.  Stay in position and turn in the time to which you were set.  To call it monotonous would be ironic – and this coming from the guy who delivers packages to the same customers 5 days a week in his civilian job.  It motivates me to…  do nothing.  It makes me want to gelatinize; to cease to exist – not as though any part of this “existence” is significant anyway.

There are times when I want to credit humanity for being consciously wise to bullshit conversation in knowing that the topic and perspective is a farce, but I’ve recently been forced to look at the clarity in another man’s eyes as he boldly stepped onto his foundation of smoke and rhetorical fallacies/conjecture/jargon…  I can’t keep doing this.  I can’t be a part of this.  I’m an awkard cog and I feel it all the time.  While I do the job well, my fit is off – like a reflector panel from another antenna.

Worse, I don’t know where I was cut to fit…  Regardless, this life of not living is insufficient.

2013 May 09

Tired.  Sore.  Smelly/Gross.  Productive in school.  Falling behind in Fu.  Slacking in all of those little intangible areas of life.  Have been to Mexico and back.  Dealing with ‘Trina’s car’s blowup.  Spring as coming back for round 3 with a jab to my left eye.  I really want a fitbit and some books from Amazon.com.  I really need a spiritual home.

2013 April 28

Yet again it’s technically the day past – @0037L/CDT – but here’s where I’m at…  Sitting in the Sports Bar right now, where they’ve got VH1 playing early ’90s music.

The day has been both good & full.  Missed the “Sun ‘Xplosion” in the morning, but walked the beach a bit & did some Yang24.  Sean also started to show me the “Sup Lok” something…something from Lung Ying (Hakka Dragon).  It’s quite interesting…  😀

Ran to/through town.  Checked out Wally-World (grabbed some swim shoes for tomorrow/later-today).  Had an awesome 3-person lunch for 94.50 pesos ($9.45).  Went back to the room for a siesta, where ‘Trina slept.  I re-read lesson 1 of Robert Frost’s 7 Stages…  🙂

Gave the Mrs. some lovin’.  Hit the pool; chilled there forever… grabbed a samich.  Showered & watched tele.  Read Knight’s chapter on Geburah. Did dinner.  Kicked arse in Air Hockey.  Headed back toward’s the rooms, so ‘Trino could crash.  Chatted with Sean on his balcony, and now I’m in the Sports Bar, drinking beer & “typing”.

Tomorrow will be long too…  Trip involved, but more on that later…

Highlights – for me -are the tacos from lunch, Lung Ying, 7 Stages, Geburah, the tuna @ dinner, & airing Fu stuff.  That alone sounds like a full & productive day.  It’s cool.  Tomorrow there will be MORE.  Hopefully, after that, it can slow down & I can actually get some rest, before souvenirs & heading back.

Phil Collins, “In the Air Tonight” is playing now…

If I get a key colored before I leave, it’s a WIN.

2013 April 27

Technically, it’s 0514L (CDT) on the morning of the 28th, but who’s counting (besides me)?…

We’re in Playa del Carmen!  Got here yesterday and have been having a beautifully chillax time.  It’s mostly been hangin’ & drinking beer…  get some food, have some beer…  walk around a bit & down a beer…  do some Fu before bed.

Who can tell what the day holds now (besides more beer)?

Also, so far we’ve spent almost no  money:  50 pesos to the guy who drove us out to tho hotel, 50 for coffee @ Starbucks (Green Tea Latte), and 50 at the Sports Bar to play Air Hockey.  Altogether, at a 10:1-ish exchange rate, we’ve gone through about $15 of the $600 we brought with us.  🙂  Hopefully we’ll keep this up.

Before I left the States, though, there’s a lot that didn’t get logged…  I took out a loan for school so that I could take some classes that I’ve already been given credit for…  Unfortunately, I still wasn’t able to make the networking class happen when I wanted, but – at least – I’m still taking enough classes related to my major (that my program shows that I need) in order to receive (partial) VA benefit in the second term.  I’m still, though, concerned about ECET110.  Last I checked there were only 2 participants registered, so they may still kill the class.  If that happens, then I’ll switch the ENGL112 & PHYS310 into the May term, take COMP122 in July and either take ECET110 with it or COMP109(?) to knock out the prerequisite  for NETW203.  (I wonder if I’ll understand these codes if I read this later.)

ECET110 – Analog Circuits(?)
COMP109 – Computers for Business(?)
COMP122 – Intro. to Programming
ENGL112 – Composition
PHYS310 – Physics I
NETW203 – Intro. to Networking (?/Switching/Cisco Academy I)

In other news, I’m becoming less pissy about BSL (more on that later) & Tamrin passed his test.

That’ll have to be all for now; need to go get ready to watch the Sun rise soon.